About GABI

The restaurant GABI , which was established in 1994 in an old artisans’ cottage, is interesting for its exceptional old-fashioned interior. It is located in one of the little old streets most favoured by tourists, branching off Pilies gatvė (Castle Street), leading toward St Michael’s church, the Bernardine church and the famous Saint Anne’s Church, in the Old Town. The interior of this building is really something to feast your eyes on. There are renewedeighteenth century frescoes with scenes from Nature, remnantsof the sixteenth century. wooden beam ceilings, the clay-brick vaulted ceilings of the basement chambers and other carefully preserved ancient elements that complement the restaurant’s charm. In the harmonious interior there are various antiquessuch as wood carvings and blacksmith’s accoutrements. Here you will find an astonishing collection of authentic antique silver napkin rings and salt shakers, which allude to the gastronomic culture of neighbouring countries. The history of Vilnius can be seen in original old photographs preserved in post cards. The collection of ancient keys will cause you to smile, maybe even inspire you to unlock some new “doors”. The restaurant has a great fireplace to provide comfort during the cold time of the year and patio seating for the warm season. Everything in this old-style restaurant eloquently testifies about how the spirit of the past is cherished in the present.

Restaurant GABI

This place is worth a visit for lovers of European and Lithuanian cuisine. In order to cater to customers’ tastes, dishes are cooked on the grill andare served with a variety of sauces produced here. The choice is really abundant: poultry, pork, beef, lamb, fish and vegetarian dishes. Foreign guests visiting this restaurant willingly taste our national dishes: traditional, much – admired cepelinai (large meat – filled potato dumplings), koldūnai (Lithuanian “ravioli”) stuffed with: pork – beef, beef – mutton, chicken, cottage cheese and spinach, mushroom fillings; potato pancakes. Each dish is made for you personally – everything is fresh and delicious.

People with a sweet tooth are happy here. There is a rumour that the apple pie at GABI is one of the most delicious in Vilnius. Served with ice cream, very crumbly, melting in your mouth – it’s – worth the ‘sin’.

The restaurant offers almost 20 kinds of wine for you to enjoy. You can choose according to vintage or country (France, Italy, Spain, Chile, Portugal, Austria). By the way, each month a wine special is offered, which means you can enjoy a certain wine for a special price.

Working hours: 12:00 – 22:00 (on saturdays 12:00 – 22:30). The GABI restaurant will welcome you with special attention and will spoil you with good cooking